Saturday, July 30, 2011

Update: July 30, 2011

Hey Everyone! 
I legitimately just got home from camp and decided that I just couldn't wait to write up a new blog post for you guys!  So, if you don't mind this post is just going to be a sum up/rant about the fantastic time I had and an apology.  Yes, an apology..  As I'm sure you're all aware, the auto publishing did NOT in fact work which means that you were left with no posts for two whole weeks!  I feel so bad and I just wanted to personally apologize for that.  If you didn't read the update I wrote the day i left, I said that i had written a few reviews and fun posts and set them to auto publish throughout the two weeks I was away and that i hoped that they published but i wasn't sure if it was going to work...clearly, it didn't.  Anyway, I'll be posting those reviews throughout the next few days. Now, on to the fun part!  As you all know, i spent the last two weeks as an LIT at my all time favorite camp with 2 of my really good friends.  I had so much fun and I met so many fantastic people and grew closer to the people i went up with and the people i had met previous years and just all around had the best time ever.  It was really funny though because half of the counselors were my age, but obviously you have to complete the LIT program before you can become a counselor, so I'm going to apply to become a counselor at that camp either next Summer or the following Summer, so I'm super excited.  The only negatives were that i'm a very clumsy person so i got really injured a lot, i'm full of cuts and bruises from tripping and falling, actually, on Wednesday I was walking and somehow i ended up tripping over a rock which not only cut a chunk of my flip flop out, but a chunk of skin from my big toe as well, which was disgusting and hurt a LOT, i'm still limping around right now. Last Thursday i suffered a heat stroke, which was really weird since every body else was completely fine, but don't worry about it, i've completely recovered and I'm feeling 100% better now.  All around, it was just a great experience and I got SO many things crossed off my bucket list, you don't even know!   I had a great time, and i hope you all had a great past two weeks as well.  

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