Saturday, July 9, 2011

NOTD: lucky lucky spender + How To: color block

 Hey everyone! 
Lately I've noticed that color blocking has become the latest trend, not only for clothing, but on your nails as well.  If you don't know what color blocking is, it's basically where you paint your nails bold colors that are complimentary to each other.  Most popular is painting every nail one color and your ring finger another color. 

  I decided to try out this trend for myself using OPI Lucky Lucky Lavender and Essie Big Spender, and this was the result... 

I love both of these colors by themselves, but i think they look really cute together using the color blocking technique!  I used two coats of big spender on my ring finger, and 3 coats of lucky lucky lavender on the rest of my fingers, with OPI top coat on top.  

The key to color blocking correctly is choosing colors that compliment each other.  Avoid putting together colors on the opposite sides of the color wheel together.  (This goes for color blocking both nails and clothing).

After I finished my little photo shoot, i thought that it might be cool to paint my tips, so here's a picture of that.  I just used a tooth pick and dipped it into big spender and applied it to the nails with Lucky lucky lavender, and vice versa.  I finished with a top coat. 

What's your opinion on color blocking? and what are your favorite nail varnish colors to color block?  Leave a comment below! 


  1. Very cool! im gonna have to try that! :)

  2. ive noticed that too, i love that pink colour :)

  3. I adore those colours together and glad you showed us how to colour block! You're doing a wonderful job on this blog

  4. I've noticed Blair (juicystar07) does this a lot now. Without putting it like a french tip.. It's so pretty! Do you have any tips to not get bubbles when you apply polish? It seems like it ALWAYS bubbles for me. EVEN with my Essies :/

  5. Thanks for your question Arielle! I'll post the answer to your question in a post right now. Thank you for following, it's much appreciated. :)


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