Saturday, July 16, 2011

Update! (as of July 16, 2011)

 Hey everyone!

I just wanted to remind you that I'm leaving today, and will be gone for two weeks.  I have pre written a few posts, and set them to publish themselves throughout the two weeks that I'm gone. I've never tried to set my posts to publish by themselves, so I'm not sure if it's going to work or not, which is why i quickly wrote this update.  I'm leaving the camp ground on the weekend in between weeks, so if i have access to a computer, I'll check to make sure it's worked, and that the ones I set to publish this week have, in fact, published.  If not, I'll publish ALL of them manually right then and there.  I know that it'll be a complete blog post over load, but I couldn't bare leaving you all without a few fun posts for two whole weeks.  If they don't post, and i don't have access to a computer, then i am SO sorry for the inconvenience. But yeah, I don't want you guys thinking that I just left without thinking about you guys, or if you didn't know i was going away, just decided to take a blogging break for 2 weeks without any warning.

 As you know, I'm sleeping over at my best friend's house the night before i officially leave, so it'll be more convenient for my other friend when she comes to pick us up to drive us down.  I can't drive over to her house though because I can't leave my car in her driveway for two weeks... Which means that I have to walk over to her house right now with my giant suitcase and my pillow.  Thank GOD she only lives a 10 minute walk away...but it's going to be pretty embarrassing.  I'll probably look like a homeless person in a cute outfit.  SO! my fellow Torontonian's, if you happen to see a young lady walking around with a big suitcase and a pillow...that's me! ;)  

Okay, I hope you all have a fantastic next two weeks, and don't forget to follow and comment on my blog posts.  And, why don't y'all leave a comment below telling me if you're going on vacation or to a camp this Summer!  

Just to let you know, my first auto published post is supposed to go up tomorrow, and the second one will go up on the 19th, the third should post on the 22th, fourth should go up on the 25 the fifth and final post should go up on the 28th.  SO if you don't see a post up tomorrow...clearly, this auto publishing thing didn't work. 

Alright, Talk to you soon and i hope you enjoyed reading this update.  x) 

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