About this blog

 Misscouture17 is a mainly beauty/fashion blog which has been up and running for over a year now. 

On this blog you will find reviews on all the newest products, and on some products that you can't usually find reviews on.  You will find makeup tricks and tips to keep your makeup looking flawless.  As well as tutorials, get the look's, trend lists, and much, much more.

My mission is to create a warm, welcome, trendy blog that you all can come to and read my posts and trust! I try to update the look of my blog regularly to keep things looking fresh.

My blog name, MissCouture17 came from a combination of two of the Dior Addict lip shines which i completely adore.  When i created this blog, and i was trying to come up with a cool name, I was on the Dior website checking out these amazing lip shines and choosing some colors that I liked, these included "Miss Dior" + "Couture".  So, i decided that I would use the Dior addict lipsticks as my inspiration for my blog name because they happen to be my all time favorite lip shines and the 17 comes from my current age.  "Miss Dior" + "Couture" + "17" and voila! "MissCouture17" was born.  

My followers and other readers are my main priority, and I choose which products to review, or which posts to write based on what I think you all would like to see.  Requests are ALWAYS encouraged.  If you have a series idea, or something you'd like me to write about, again, just shoot me an e-mail.  



  1. Hi MissCouture17! :] Thanks for dropping by! :) The Moon Dwellers is a really good dystopian book :) Oh, thanks for your comment! :) I would really appreciate it if you visit again sometime! :] Btw, your blog rocks! It's awesome! XD Now following you! :) Would truly love it if you follow back. :) Thanks! Godblessyou!:)

    Laurice <3 @ lauricewithlove <3

    1. Thank you so much for following, Laurice! I absolutely love everything about your blog, so of course I'll come and follow you! Thanks for your sweet comment! :)

      xx, Kels


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