Thursday, September 1, 2011

What to Carry in your Back to School Purse

I don't usually carry a purse with me when I go to school, unless I have plans to go out after school, or I have Co-op that semester.  I do have co-op this year, so I'll be carrying both a purse and a tote bag with me. This post is going to list some items both beauty and not that I think are essential to have on you during the day in your purse.  Of course, if you have a back pack, you can still use this list, for sure, but you might have to make some adjustments to make sure it fits in your bag with your binders and the rest of your supplies.    

1) First, your cell phone!  At my school, we're not allowed to text in class (but we do anyway, sshh!) so I usually keep my phone on silent in my bag, or in my pocket. 

2) Ipod/headphones; Sometimes during silent work or while working on projects my teachers allow us to get our iPods so we can silently listen to them while doing our work.  I remember that all throughout ninth and tenth grade I would forget my ipod, it was only in 11th grade that I began throwing it in my school purse so that it would never be forgotten!

3) Hand Sanitizer is an obvious necessity.

4) Tide to go; I know that sounds weird, but i noticed that there was always at least one clumsy person at my lunch table that would spill something on themselves or others once in a while.  Tide to go is actually really good at getting stains out, and people are always really grateful when you have one on hand at the time of a spill.   

5) A Pleasure Book; There will be times in class where you'll finish assignments earlier than everyone else or you'll be sitting in the halls in between classes, so I always remember to throw the book I’m currently reading in my purse in case I have some extra time in class. **Note, a pleasure book is a book that you’re reading outside of school.  You’re not reading it to complete an assignment or for English class like To Kill a Mockingbird or a Shakespeare play.  A pleasure book is a novel that you’re reading on your own time.**

6) Extra pens/pencils 

7) An agenda; Most schools provide you with your own agenda, but if they don't there are many different really cute agendas available in different stores.  Agendas just really help to keep you organized and on top of your homework assignments.

8) Glasses; Whether they're for far sightedness or reading, if you own glasses, bring them to school with you!  I don't wear my glasses all the time, but I like to know that I have them with me in case i need them.

9)A wallet with your school ID and some cash is pretty essential if you plan on buying lunch from the caf.  Your school ID contains your OEN and student numbers on them, as well as is proof that you go to your school, so even if you don't bring a wallet, be sure to bring your ID with you.

10) Tampons/Pads; You will always need more than one per day, plus, it doesn't hurt to have extras in case any of your friends needs to borrow one.

11)Gum/breath mints; I love chewing gum!  No matter where I am, you’ll usually see me chomping down on a couple pieces.  I really like to have breath mints on me for after lunch time.

12) A compact; this is such a helpful thing to have on you if you don't have a mirror in your locker, or if you want to check to see if you have anything in your teeth after lunch.  

13) Your house/car keys if you carry them.

14) Hair pins and hair elastics in the event of a bad hair day.

15) Deodorant/Body mist/Perfume; this is very appropriate if you have gym class at any point during the day.

16) Extra Change; in between classes I tend to get hungry/thirsy waiting for lunch.  I have a huge phobia of water fountains and I sometimes forget to bring an extra little mid-morning snack, so i always keep a bit of spare change in my purse for the vending machines.   

17) School Beauty Kit
Seeing as this is a beauty blog, I thought it would be nice to add in a little School Beauty kit.  This kit is going to be especially helpful if you have gym class as your first or second period class and you have 2 more periods and lunch to go before the end of the day. I would keep all of these items in a little makeup case so that everything is together and organized for when you need any of these beauty items. 

lip gloss/lipstick
eye liner
blotting papers
a mini brush kit
*I added the porefessional to my kit, but that's completely optional*

That is what I keep in my back to school purse.  As you can tell, I’m a pretty prepared person.  I like to have everything I could possibly need with me, but I always say that it’s better to be over prepared than not prepared at all.  I hope that you all found this helpful and are looking forward to going back to school!  Leave a comment below telling me what you keep in your back to school purse and let me know if you bring a tote bag and a purse, or just a tote bag to school.  Have a fierce day!


  1. I basically cannot leave the house with my hand sanitizer. I'm like obsessed with it! :P

  2. Thank you Kayla! & I'm the exact same way, Sacha! Whenever i go to bath and body works I need to stock up. - Kels

  3. Wonderful advice! I'm always in need of some back to school tips
    love, Lacey

  4. Thank you! If that's the case, i'm excited for you to see tomorrows post! :)- Kels

  5. Chapstick and lipstick are a must for me!

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  20. Im starting high school tomorrow!! Wish me luck everyone!!!

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  22. Thats so inspiring and lovely xxxxx


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