Sunday, September 25, 2011

Coach Poppy Ea Du Parfum review

 Hey Everyone!
One of the most recent perfumes to hit my collection is the original coach poppy perfume.  I've been contemplating purchasing this perfume for the longest time, but I could never bring myself to spend $70 on yet another perfume.  A couple weeks ago I finally gathered up the nerve to just buy it, and i am so glad i did!

This perfume has a sweet, fruity floral scent, but it is not at all cloying. It's definitely a scent better suited for Spring/Summer, however since i just bought it, I've been wearing it almost every day this fall, and it's working for me.  On to the scent, Coach describes this as a "pretty, lighthearted fragrance", and i would definitely agree with that description of this perfume.  It is a very feminine scent, which is described as a "jasmine and gardenia blend, with fresh cucumber and candied rose petals". I find that it has musky bottom notes, which i personally really like.  This is a youthful scent, without crossing that fine line between youthful and childish. I would recommend it more for the high school-mid thirties range.

Lasting power is so-so.  I find that I can smell hints of this throughout the day, but I like to apply a little spritz about half way through my day.  The simple packaging makes it easy to just throw this (not literally, or else it'll probably break, haha) into your purse or gym bag.    

The packaging of this perfume is an adorable little glass sphere with a gold topper.  The gold topper has "Coach Poppy est. 1944" and hearts engraved onto it. The topper has a little bow around the neck,which is removable.  The "Coach est. 1941" on the front is simply a sticker, which means that if peeled off, or if it gets wet it will probably peel off.  When i first realized  that it was a sticker, my immediate thought was "cheap".  Every other perfume i own has the name of the perfume printed/engraved on the actual bottle.  Nonetheless, the packaging is very classic and simple and really cute, making it a perfume that i want to display on my dresser.

This retails for $65 Canadian, $73 including tax. 

Over all, i am in love with this perfume, and i'm very glad that I decided to purchase it.
What's your favorite every day perfume for Fall/Winter?  Let me know below!

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