Thursday, September 29, 2011

Beauty Rescue: Sick Day Makeup

 Hey Everyone!
Apparently, a few days ago I caught whatever bug has been going around lately.  For the past few days my life has been sitting around in my pajamas in my room, eating soup and grilled cheese and having 'The Big Bang Theory' marathons/studying.  Today, my friend decided to come over after school to my house so we could hang out.. (she ignored my warnings of how she would most likely get sick because of me).

Before you begin to think I'm a little crazy, I never wear makeup when I'm sick. but since my friend is coming over, i don't want to look like I'm the living dead with dark circles and pale, sickly skin.  However!  I don't want to have to put on an entire face worth of makeup, so today i'm going to talk to you a little about the products i'm going to use to make myself look like one of the living again.

So, the way i see it, i only need concealer, eye liner, lip chap, and my NARS deep throat blush to achieve that no makeup, 'yeah, I'm sick but i still look hot naturally' look....

1) I'm going to start by applying my Smashbox camera ready concealer #2 to my under eye area, and to the redness around my nose, and blend that in.

2) Next i'm going to apply my eye liner to my tight line and only my tight line.  Mascara looks a little too obvious for my taste, even brown mascara.  My lashes are black, so I'm going to apply black eye liner to my tight line to give the allusion of thicker, fuller lashes...this honestly makes a pretty big difference.  If you have blonde or brown lashes, i recommend a brown eye liner.

3) Next i'm going to apply NARS deep throat to the apples of my cheeks to give my pale, sickly face a little kiss of natural color.  I recommend going for a peachy pink blush, or whatever looks most natural on you.

4) Finally, I'm going to apply lip chap.  Being sick has definitely taken a toll on my lips, and they've started to crack in the middle, which is why I've been applying lip salve religiously over the past few days.  If you're lips are looking pale and sickly, a tinted lip conditioner works well too.

TADA!  It doesn't look like you're wearing any makeup at all, but you do look pretty healthy.  Now, if only it was possible to beat a cold this easily I would be set!

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