Friday, May 27, 2011

Dior Addict lipstick - DiorKiss 578

Dior Addict in Dior Kiss (#578)
Today I'm going to be reviewing the fairly new Addict lipsticks from Dior.  The color shown in the swatch is Diorkiss 578 and it is the one that Kate Moss is wearing in the advert.  To be quite honest i think that this is going to become a very iconic color for Dior.  These lipsticks come in a total of 59 beautiful shades and retail for $28 US & $31 CND.

breaking down...the color

In the tube this lipstick looks like a scary bright fuchsia but it comes out a beautiful warm pink.  It's not sheer like a lot of the other shades in this collection and gives enough color to add a sexy pop of pink to your lips without looking overdone.  I know that when i wear bright lip colors anywhere i feel really uncomfortable because it draws in a lot of attention but with this color i feel sexy without the uncomfortableness. It has absolutely no glitter bits in it. I recommend pairing it with Dior addict lip polish in fresh expert.  Color recieves 5/5

 breaking down...the formulation 
Although these lipsticks are really expensive, i don't think you're just paying for the brand.  These lipsticks are gel based, therefore they have moisturizing properties in them and have a little bit of shine.  The only problem i really have with this is its lasting power.  Because of the formulation of it this lipstick looks brilliant for 2 hours before the shine wears away and you're left with kind of a matte stain.  Of course, this problem can be easily fixed with touch ups throughout the day.   I don't think it has any plumping properties, but somehow this lipstick gives the illusion of fuller sexier lips which is an added bonus.  Dior Addict glides on so effortlessly and flawlessly it's not at all a mess to apply like some other lipsticks. Formulation receives 4.5/5 

 breaking down...the packaging 
The packaging is (excuse my language) freaking stunning!  It's sleek and classy and very sophisticated looking.  I have to give them props.  If you refer to the top picture, the stick of lipstick pops inside that large rectangular tube.  The tube gives the illusion that you get a lot of product when in reality you get .12 OZ of lipstick.  When you have to reapply this lipstick as often as you do .12 OZ is not a lot.  For the price, i wish it came with more product.  In conclusion, this is the kind of lipstick that you want to take out with you because the packaging is so beautiful and you know people are going to ask you about it.  It just makes you feel kind of special and sophisticated.  5/5
 In conclusion, 
Although it is expensive, i think every girl should have at least one Dior Addict lipstick.  The shade selection is wonderful and Dior just makes such fantastic products this lipstick is no exception to that.  Swatching can get a little overwhelming with all the selection so i recommend going to or to check out the color selection, write down the numbers of the ones you wish to try and go to your local sephora or any retailer which sells Dior, this way it's less overwhelming for you.  I do that all the time and it's always worked for me.  All together i rate this product 4.8/5 and i will definitely be going back for more very soon. 

As previously stated, i love everything about this new lipstick.  Formaulation, color payoff, even the promo video:

Leave a comment below telling me what you think of the new Dior Addict lipsticks!  
Update: for a more detailed look at my interpretation of Kate Moss's makeup for this advert click here. 
**All pictures taken by me with the exception of the last picture of Moss and the second last pic which you can find on google images.**


  1. I've been contemplating whether or not to buy this lippie. It seems like a lot of money for such a little amount of product. But I totally agree that your not just paying for the brand name and they actually sound like a really good product! Thanks for the great review and for including the little tutorial segment at the bottom it was really helpful! Good luck!!!

  2. Yeah, definitely. It's actually a really great product. I'm completely in love with the brand Dior and i've loved all of CD's products but this one just takes the cake. It's my new all time favorite lippie. I 100% recommend you pick one or two up. No problem and i'm glad you found that helpful. Thanks fro taking the time out to read this and i hope you have a great day! Heart you, Kels.

  3. thanks for the review.

  4. I am in love with these lipsticks!! Couture is my absolute fav. I have 4 already but I dot have this one! I need to buy it!!!!

  5. yeah, they're pretty great. Dior Kiss is a really nice color. Just a quick tip, if you find that the pink is a little too intense put a layer of lip balm underneath. I find that it lightens the color to more of a Kate Moss pink. -Kels

  6. love the colour, packaging, name and this blog!! another amazing post by Kels!

  7. Aw, thank you! I have to say, i love your blog too! Your posts are great and your layout is stunning. I deifnitely recommend picking one of these up if you haven't already Lacey! - Kels

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