Monday, May 9, 2011

NOTD Essie's Big Spender

Hey everyone!
Today's nail polish that I'm wearing is Essie's Big Spender.  This is a color i recently purchased and I've only worn twice mainly because I find it to be more of a Fallish color as opposed to a Springy/Summery color.  It's a gorgeous purpley-pink, but it's not at all neon like you may think. I was looking at it earlier and trying to decide if it was more purple or more pink toned but honestly, i couldn't figure it out!  In the container it looks more purple, but once it's on your nails it becomes like the perfect combination of pink and purple. 

It's a nice color for any age and for any occasion.  I like to describe it as sophisticated meets sexy.  What i love about this polish is that it is really opaque and it dries surprisingly quick, like most of the Essie polishes do.  This is definitely a nail polish that I'll be wearing all the time once September comes along.      

What do you guys think about Big Spender?  Do you think it could work as a Summer color?  What's your favorite nail polish?  Let me know below.


  1. I bought it to use during the summer, I usually don't wear ESSIE only OPI. I needed a purple-pink shade so I chose this one- which is very similar to 'dim-sum-plum' by OPI but ESSIE'S version is a BIT darker.

  2. Very Interesting, thanks for your input! I agree with you that 'dim-sum-plum' is pretty similar to 'Big Spender'. Did you find that you wore this particular varnish often during the Summer? - Kels


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