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NARS Starter Kit!!

 hey everyone! 
So, i know I have been neglecting to put reviews on this blog, but it's just because I've been super busy with work and whatnot, not to mention, my camera's charger is missing and my phone doesn't take great quality pictures, so, I'm so sorry!  As a little treat though, I've decided to do a NARS starter kit today.  These are all items that i would recommend as introductory products.

Blush: $27 US, $29 CND
NARS blushes are really famous for their quality, color selection, pigmentation and of course, inappropriate names!  

Deep throat is like a little sister to orgasm.  It's a slightly lighter peachy pink with slight shimmer.  It gives you a gorgeous natural looking glow and is perfect for an every day look.  If you get deep throat, you definitely don't need to purchase orgasm!

Penny Lane is a great introductory cream blush because it's a soft peach and is sheer but very buildable.  I love NARS cream blushes because they are a true cream to powder formula, and blends like a dream. 

Bronzer/Highlighter powder bronzer: $33 US, $38 CND  powder highlighter $27 US $29 CND 
Laguna Bronzer is a universally flattering color that won't make your face look muddy like some bronzers do.  It has a nice shimmer to it, but nothing over powering.  It gives a very natural bronze color and is definitely one of my personal favorites.  Although expensive, NARS bronzers last a long time. 

Albatross Highlighter gives a gorgeous natural glow with a little bit of shimmer to areas that you want highlighted.  If you get the Albatross highlighter, you most certainly do not need to purchase a highlighting multiple.  It all depends on whether you prefer cream or powder highlighters.

Multiples $39 US, $46 CND 
Okay, i know what your thinking right now...Kelsey! why would you include a $46 STICK in your starter kit?  Because Multiples are absolutely fantastic! Multiples are basically cream to powder multipurpose sticks.  they can be used for highlighting, bronzing, for blush, they can even be used as eyeshadow and lipstick! I would not recommend purchasing the Multiple Duos because personally, I find that they're a lot less pigmented than the regular multiples.
  *Note if you use them as a lipstick they are really drying, so use a lip balm underneath. The sticks themselves are ginormous and will last a long time, so these are definitely worth the money, however, keep in mind that some of them only look good in certain seasons.

Copacabana is a gorgeous glistening pearl color which makes a gorgeous highlight color for your cheekbones, bridge of your nose and brow bone.  I love how this looks on paler skin, but if you wear it during the summer, you'll look ridiculous.

South Beach is a pinky peach color with shimmer, perfect for a blush or lipstick. 

Palm Beach is a lovely bronzed color 

  Concealer stick $22 US, $25 CND  duo palette $30 US, $38 CND
concealer stick   It has a creamy consistency and blends extremely easily.  Perfect for covering up slight redness and blemishes.  I wouldn't recommend it for under eye circles because it tends to crease in that area and I just feel like it's way too dry for the delicate under-eye area. 
concealer duo compact comes in a duo blush like compact and holds 2 concealers 14 OZ all together.  I would recommend this concealer because it comes with a shade that's great for pale winter skin, and one that works for tanned summer skin, and when your skin is in that "in between" stage, where it's slightly sun kissed, you can mix the colors for a custom color.

Foundation $42 US, $55 CND 
I personally think that there are cheaper foundations that you can purchase that give the same results as NARS foundation, like natureluxe however, for those insisting on having a NARS foundation, "a dot does a lot", meaning that you don't need a lot of product to cover your entire face so the bottle will last you a good amount of time. Both foundations are lightweight and feel/look like a second layer of skin.  The color is very buildable so you can achieve a light to medium finish.

Sheer Glow Foundation is a foundation recommended for those with normal to very dry skin.  It gives your skin a beautiful glow and does not accentuate dry patches. The claim that it's only for normal-dry skin is complete and utter bull.  This works great on oily and combination skin as well.  I find that the Sheer Matte is just too matte of a foundation, so if you're going to go for one, try the sheer glow foundation!

Lipstick/Gloss lipstick $24 US, $28 CND  lip gloss $24 US $30 CND
NARS lip glosses are known to smell and taste disgusting.  I find that some of them do, while others don't? which is really weird, but go to Sephora and give them a sniff and decide whether or not you'll be able to handle the scent.  I can't recommend which colors you should get because it all depends on your skin tone and lip color and what looks best on you. 
My personal favorites though are:

Dolce Vita which, if you're going to buy one NARS lipstick, this should be it.  It's a great my lips but better dusty rose shade, perfect for every day wear. 

Roman Holiday a pastel pink which looks really scary, but is quite sheerable which i wear with Turkish Delight. 
Belle de jour a sheer beige nude, which looks lovely with Strip Tease for a neutral look.  

All of these are sheer finish lipsticks, which I find to be really moisturizing. 

 Eyeshadow Duo's 
$33 US, $38 CND
 Bellissima which includes a shimmering beige and grey brown.  Both eye shadows are very pigmented and are very flattering together.  

Kalahari though at first glance, looks like this duo would be too dark for everyday, the beautiful shimmery peachy bronze and cocoa brown shade work together to create a beautiful bronze look. 

The two shades in Alhambra make beautiful highlight colors for the brow, but also can be used together to create a brightening every day look. 

Alright!  I think I've covered all the basics.  I hope that this helped you out and if you have any questions, concerns or requests leave a comment below or send me an e-mail.  If you'd like to see a drugstore makeup starter kit for those only starting out with makeup or for you beauties on a budget or even a MAC starter kit please let me know!    

*Updated on 23/07/2012

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