Monday, May 9, 2011

Maybelline one by one mascara review

one-by-one mascara is waterproof in very black
Hey girls! 
So the product i'm reviewing today is latest mascara from the maybelline line of mascaras:  The Maybelline one by one volum express waterproof mascara.  My benefit BADgal lash recently ran out so while picking up some nail polish from the drugstore i came across this mascara and purchased it, hoping it would be a good replacement.

According to the Maybelline website (link below), this mascara provides you with bold without the bulk clump free voluminous lashes.  The lash catcher brush is designed in order to catch each eyelash with 3 bristles to catch, coat and de-clump. 

The Breakdown of the wand                                                                 

 The wand is really unique in comparison to other mascara wands.  The bristles look and feel like they're made out of rubber or plastic.  The wand is tapered and the bristles are very fine so you definitely get a very defined look.  The wand is something you really have to get used to.  I found it hard to apply my mascara with this wand at first, but by the second-third try i had it down.  Something i HATE about this wand is how bendy it is, as shown in the third picture.  I find that all maybelline mascara wands are like that though, which is something i do not like.  All around, i am not a big fan of the wand, but it really does help make your lashes look defined and voluminized, so it works well for it's purpose.   

The breakdown of the formulation 

The formulation is really volumizing and defining but not very lengthening.  I love length, so i personally am not a huge fan of this mascara but it is a volumizing mascara and i knew that when i purchased it.  So it's an amazing mascara for defining and volumizing.  As for clumping?  Yes.  It does clump and makes my eye lashes stick together a little.  It's not that bad, like, I've used mascaras that have clumped like crazy, so in comparison, this is pretty good especially because i use around 5 coats just trying to get SOME length, so the fact that it's all clumpy and ew by the end is conceivable.  You just have to be careful with how much mascara you apply...i would say 2 coats would be the max for how much you can apply before it will start getting all clumpy and gross on you.  The scent is disgusting.  I can't even describe it.  All i can say is that I've never used a smelly mascara before but just before i started writing this i took a whiff and it burned my nose. YES. hard core burned my nose it was disgusting.  It starts to flake a little throughout the day which sucks and finally, i can honestly say that this mascara is 100% waterproof.  I was reading a really amazing yet really sad book the other day while wearing this, and guess what!  No raccoon eyes. yaay!

Final Verdict
Packaging: 4/5
Wand: 3/5
Formulation: 4/5
Satisfaction: 2/5
Price: 5/5 

This is the kind of mascara you're either going to love or hate.  The brush is very awkward and kind of difficult to get used to.  It does clump, despite what all the advertisements say, but it's really not that bad.  This is the kind of mascara that only gives you volume and definition, there is barely any lengthening properties.  So, who might like it?  People who only want volume and definition who don't really mind not having a lot of length or already have really lengthy lashes.  Who might not like it so much?  People with shorter lashes looking for length.  If you want to try it out, but DO like to have lengthy lashes like me, try it under a lengthening mascara or a lengthening eyelash primer like Urban Decay's. Price wise, i think it's very reasonable for a drugstore brand mascara. 
*last picture is not mine*
Update: I just put this mascara up to the ultimate test. yoga.  yes, i decided to wear this particular waterproof mascara to my first ever hot yoga class! (blog to follow).  After the hour, i went into the change room expecting to see this all over my face especially because i was sweating like I've never sweat before and guess what!  It still looked perfect!  I'm just so amazed right now, you don't even know.

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