Friday, May 27, 2011

NPOTD Not so sweet anymore

3 coats Sweetheart 1 coat black shattered 1 coat top coat

Hey girlies!  I was hard at work writing some reviews for you and they are all up and ready for me to add links, pictures and to publish.  Today though, i thought I'd do a nail of the day. 

Tonight I'm going out so i originally just put on OPI Sweet heart which is a popular pinky neutral creme color.  My outfit is already neutral though, so i decided to add a little edge to my nails by applying a light layer of black shattered.  As you can see, the colors contrast each other nicely.  I feel like shattered, no matter what color of it, just adds a sexy, edgy feel to any ensemble.

I put three layers of Sweetheart nail lacquer on my nails so that it would be opaque.  Once it dried i added one thin layer of black shattered from the Katy Perry collection.  I finished it off with a thin layer of OPI top coat and Voila! A simple look I like to call 'not so sweet anymore'. (formerly 'sweetly falling over the edge' - refer to picture)

Question Time!  Name your favorite way to wear shattered nail polish whether it be only on the tips, horizontally, diagonally or painted on top of a cool nail polish design. Give it a cool and creative name. Lastly, what's your favorite color to wear with shattered?
I'm thinking that i'll have an OPI giveaway when i obtain enough followers, so let me know what colors you'd like me to include in that.

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