Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Laura Mercier silk creme foundation: holy grail or fail.

Hey guys!  So as I've previously mentioned i've been pretty busy with a multidude of assignments and other projects so I've only been able to post a couple review posts.  Today i didn't want to leave you high and dry so I'm doing a very quick review on the famous Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation.  Please note that this isn't in the style of my normal reviews, it's basically just a straight up rant that i posted as a review on Sephora, but i thought i should post it here because i think you can see in the way i write it that i was super frustrated and upset by this product.  So yeah, you can find this review on the Sephora website, but it is written by me personally i just edited it a little bit. 

I heard so many amazing reviews about this foundation, so i decided to purchase it. Now, when i spend over $55 CND on a makeup product i expect it to be absolutely amazing. Laura Mercier's silk creme foundation was the absolute worst product i've ever purchased, foundation wise. So here's what i thought:
Pros:light coverage, so it's a little more like an overpriced tinted moisturizer.  So it might make a good Summer foundation for those who actually like it.
-you barely need ANY product to cover your face so this is going to last you a loong time.
-the texture is fantastic
-if you use under a primer, it just glides on.
-basically, if you have normal or oily skin this product might actually work for you.
Cons: -they discontinued my shade, peach ivory. Which confuses me since that was a very popular shade
-just in general, the shade selection is horrid if you have dark skin or very light skin.
-if you apply too much of this product (and trust me, it's not hard to do) than it turns your face canary yellow.
-this caused my skin to get extremely dry and it caused me to break out badly. how do i know? i haven't used this product in a week and my skin is no longer dry and i only have the a couple pimples on my forehead and nose. 
-It clung to those dry spots and really accentuated them.
-it was streaky and all around very mask like looking.
-NO ONE should have to pay $62.70 CND for a foundation, NO ONE. it's extremely overpriced.
i could go on and on, to be honest.
i've applied this with a foundation brush, stippling brush, sponge and fingers but it always turns out looking the same, yellow, masky and all around disgusting looking. I know i'm going against the grain here but, i don't understand why it's so popular! maybe it was just a bad batch or something? i don't know. but i've used drugstore foundations waay better than this.  If all other LM products are like this than you can bet that I'll be avoiding the laura mercier section of Sephora.   

***This product was gifted by my momma***
*Photos taken from Sephora.com*

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