Friday, May 27, 2011

OPI Pirates of the Caribbean Collection review

So, as most of you probably know Pirates of the Caribbean on Stranger Tides recently came out into theaters.  Being a dedicated POtC fan I have been dying to see it, and tonight I'm finally going to! (If hangover 2 isn't sold out, haha).  As you can imagine, when i saw the POtC OPI collection out i was ecstatic.  

This collection features 6 gorgeous colors inspired by the movie as well as a new silver shattered.  Below I'll post pictures of them and include a description of each.
 Silver Shattered is basically a metallic silver with sparkles.  You have to apply a little more because it's a different consistency than the black shattered.  This is definitely something you want to invest in.  It looks stunning with 'Planks a lot' 

Steady as she rose is a lovely pastel pink color with a slight purple to it and a grey undertone.  It looks great on both fingernails and toes.   
Sparrow me the drama is a more warmer toned pink with blue undertones.  It's the kind of color that i think should be a staple in every girl who loves pinks nail polish collection.  It's more of a Spring shade than Summer.

Skull and Glossbones is a light gray color.  I think it's absolutely beautiful.  I usually shy away from gray polishes because they just look silly on me but this one is just the most perfect neutral I've come across. 
  Planks a lot is a dusty purple leaning more towards lavender.  I think that you can find dupes for this color everywhere.  Even in the OPI permanent collection there are 1 or 2 shades similar to this.  It is definitely not as unique as the others.  If you don't have this or didn't get to purchase it don't worry, you're not missing anything.  A good dupe is done out in deco and a very slightly lighter option is Essie Lilacism...just to name a few.   

Stranger Tides is an interesting color.  It's green based with a lot of grey undertone.  It's very unique and is very flattering on fingernails. 

 Mermaid Tears was probably the most anticipated color of the entire collection.  The only way i can describe this color is as a sea foam green with grey undertones.  It is creme based and kind of pastel.  It's one of those colors that i think can be worn throughout the entire year.  The name is super cute too. 

What do you guys think of this collection?  Will you be investing in any of these colors?  Which do you think are your favorites?  Comment below. 

**I was not compensated to make this review.  I am not affiliated with OPI or pirates of the Caribbean in any way shape or form**
You can purchase OPI at any Salon or Ulta. 
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