Saturday, April 14, 2012

Prom Tips & Tricks: Clutch Essentials

 Hey Everyone,
For today's prom post, I thought I would share some of the things that I think are essential to carry in your clutch during your big night.  Over the years, i have gotten into all kinds of trouble and have therefore learned a few things about what I should carry with me that could come in handy in a bad's essentially why my purse is so heavy.  That being said, i've put together a kit of things I think are essential to have in your clutch during prom or really any special event to ensure that things go smoothly.

So, this isn't a clutch and i'm not using it as my clutch, it's actually my travel makeup bag but i thought it was cute for this purpose. Surprisingly, i don't actually own a clutch yet, I've never felt like I needed to get one until now for prom. My wallet contains cash and my ID but obviously I didn't want to show my ID and cash on camera so I subbed in my entire wallet, and i'm missing a few essentials, but with some alterations and a few extras, this is what I would keep in my clutch.  Sorry the picture didn't turn out too great...the lighting in my room is awful for pictures. ANYWAY! Below is a description of each thing i'd keep in my clutch and why! 

Not an essential, but I thought it would be nice to add it anyway.  If you need a little pick me up in the middle of prom, you can bring a little perfume to spritz on your pulse points! 

bobby pins
If you have your hair up and at some point during the night a few strands come undone, bobby pins are great to have to quickly pin those pieces back up.  Even if you're rocking your hair down you should still bring a couple just in case an ill-prepared friend has a hair crisis.

Pretty self explanatory... Most lipsticks aren't formulated to last all night to begin with.  Add dancing, sweating, eating, and drinking to the mix and you'll probably need to touch up your lip color every couple hours. 

For applying lipstick or checking your face and teeth before photos. 

You're going to be dancing and talking with people and eating, so mints/gum/mini mouthwash is a good idea to avoid bad breath. 

A fully charged camera, that is.  Prom is a special night so make sure to bring a fully charged camera to document your good times!

 Again, a fully charged phone! 

tide to go
 I bring tide to go with me everywhere!  I find that there's always at least one person at your lunch table or in this case prom who will spill something and freak out over the spill threatening to stain their clothes/dresses (In my case, it will probably be me ;).  Being prepared with tide to go could save someone's prom night!

money or a credit card
 If you're going for dinner before prom or there's an emergency and you need to take a cab home immediately having emergency cash or your credit card is a definite must!!

hand sanitizer
 I have an obsession with hand sanitizer, i bring it everywhere.  So this may not be an essential for you, but it definitely is a must for myself!

blotting papers  
 This is a good idea if you don't want to bring a compact of pressed powder (which can become messy fast).  Blotting papers essentially absorb the oil/sweat on your face from dancing the night away, making you look fresh and picture perfect again!

Not just for if you're on your period at the time.  Sometimes that little monster likes to sneak up on you, so it's a great idea to be prepared for yourself or even for someone else!  You might not use it, but it's nice to be prepared in case.

safety pins
Have you ever read 'Someone Like You' by Sarah Dessen?  Well, you know the part where Halley's date accidentally rips her dress, completely exposing her?  That's why it's good to be prepared with safety pins!  You never know when someone's dress will tear or someone's strap will rip.

ID card 
 If you're driving to prom or need a student ID to get into prom.

eye liner
Especially if you have eyeliner in your waterline, it tends to wear off after a few hours, so be sure to bring along an eye liner for touch ups. 

keys and your prom ticket
 I think these are pretty self explanatory.

I know that it seems like a lot of items, but they're all really small, and of course, you can adjust it to suit your personal needs and clutch size! 

I hope you have an amazing time at prom!!


  1. wow the clutches!!! so gorgeous!!

    btw be sure to check out my new post

  2. i am obsessed with that alexander mcqueen clutch! its so fabulous!

    happy saturday!

    Xo Kelly


  3. Really helped me thanks


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