Sunday, April 8, 2012

Prom Beauty Rescue: My Top Beauty Tips for Photo Ready Makeup

 Hey Everyone,
For today's prom post i've decided to write a Beauty Rescue post that I think will be particularly helpful for not only my readers attending and doing their own makeup for prom, but for all of my readers.  Today I will be sharing with you my top 5 beauty tips for camera ready makeup so that you won't have to untag any photos of yourself from prom or any other memorable event. 

Stay away from SPF -  Although makeup with SPF is great for a day to day basis, you should remember that SPF combined with the flash from a camera can make your face appear white in photos because the SPF reflects light away from your face.  To go into more detail, the main ingredient in SPF is titanium dioxide which is the cause of this phenomena.  In sum, it's best to wear face makeup that does not contain SPF for prom or any event where you'll be taking a lot of pictures.

Wear a lip color that makes your teeth appear whiter - If you have yellow teeth and want your teeth to appear whiter in photos, try a blue toned lipstick colour as it will actually make your teeth appear whiter!

Wear some falsies - Even if you're not a falsies wearer, it's a good idea not to skip on false lashes for your prom as they will make your eyes stand out more.  My favourite brands of falsies are: Invisaband (semi wispies) false lashes, and Make Up Forever eye lash strips as they come in a variety of sizes and designs (My personal favourite is 22 Gianna). 

Blush - The flash from cameras actually washes out the colour of blush in photos so make sure to apply a little more than usual so that it shows up and looks beautiful in photos.  As well, opt for a matte blush for prom if you can as shimmery blushes (*cough* NARS Super Orgasm) tend to make skin look oily while mattes look more natural.

Glitter is your worst enemy - Which brings me to my next point, anything overly shimmery is going to make your face look oily in photos, so try to avoid glittery highlighters, blushes, bronzers, and foundations with glitter particles in them.  This tip doesn't mean skip out on highlighter completely, but maybe opt for a glowy one as opposed to a highlighter with glitter.  My personal favourites are: Arbonne Sheer Glow and NARS Nico. 

Those are my five main tips for perfect photo ready makeup.  If you have any other tips or have a prom photo horror story please leave them down below!

If you have any questions or requests for a particular prom related post, let me know below and i'll be sure to answer your questions in a post at a later date this month!


  1. I only have 2 that are coming to mind :)

    -Wear a good face primer (Smashbox and Benefit have some excellent ones, the new ones from Revlon might be worth a shot as well)
    -If you're wearing bronzer, be sure to take it onto your neck (and chest if you're wearing a low cut dress) so it doesn't look like you have floating head in photos ^^

    I can not agree more with the falsies and blush tips! Great list <3


    1. Great tips, Kori! Thank you for sharing them!
      xx, Kels

  2. I just found your blog thru winetastegirl.blogspot and these are seriously good tips and I wish I knew about them when I went to prom years ago. I think so many women forget to skip SPF and that it can reflect light so that is so important. Thanks for sharing them. Fake eyelashes are a must and I love a good primer too

    Following you now

    1. Thank you so much Dale, you're so kind! :)
      xx, Kels


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