Saturday, February 9, 2013

MAC Prom Princess: Review & Swatches! (Archie's Girls)

Hey everyone,
So, you have absolutely no idea how excited I was when I heard that MAC would be coming out with a Betty and Veronica makeup collection in February.  Every time I'd go to the grocery store with my mom when I was younger, I would make her buy me one or two of those little Archie comic digest books.  Not to mention, I never missed an episode of 'Archie's Weird Mysteries'.  This collection featured two beautiful  limited edition blush shades, but the one that I ultimately decided to pick up was Veronica's blush: Prom Princess, simply because it was unlike anything I had in my collection.

Prom Princess is described as a 'mid tone pink berry' on the MAC website, and although I think that's a pretty good description, I would say it's more like a bright violet fuchsia.  This blush is a satin finish, so it has a really beautiful sheen to it which is very subtle on the cheeks. Prom Princess has really nice pigmentation but I noticed after I purchased it that it had a bit of a chalkier and drier formulation.  No worries though, because this is still workable and because of the subtle sheen, it doesn't look chalky or dry when applied.

This blush does look like a scary bright colour, one that people with lighter skin may decide to skip right away.  However, it is very blendable and easy to work with and can definitely be sheered out.  I have NW20 skin and I can blend this out nicely to make it look like a beautiful subtle berry flush on my skin.  So that being said, I definitely think that Prom Princess will look nice on a variety of skin tones from light to dark.
Left: heavy swatch; Right: blended out
The MAC Archie's Girls collection comes packaged in white, instead of the typical black packaging. The collection features a Betty side, which features more 'girl next door', softer shades while the Veronica side of the collection features more vivacious and more I guess, seductive shades.  Each product features a cartoon picture of either Betty or Veronica, depending on which side of the collection each product is from.  The only products which feature a picture of Betty, Archie and Veronica together are the eyeshadow palettes and the pearlmatte face powders. I personally really love the packaging and I think MAC did a great job with it.  I just think it's really cute and fun!

MAC powder blushes retail for $22 US and $26 CND and contain 6g/0.21 oz of product.  Prom Princess is part of the limited edition Archie's Girls collection and as of February 7, can be purchased wherever MAC products are sold!

Would you say you're more of a Betty or Veronica?  Let me know down below!


  1. Nice review! Can't wait to pick this up!

    1. I hear this entire collection is going really fast so I hope you're able to pick it up before it sells out!!
      xx, Kels


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