Friday, February 8, 2013

4 Ways to Wear 1 Lipstick!

Hey everyone,
My favourite makeup item to purchase is a gorgeous bright lipstick.  Over the years, I've collected quite a collection of vibrant (and sometimes pretty expensive) lipsticks, yet I hardly reach for any of them.  In my opinion, if you're going to invest in a boldly coloured lipstick, you should be made aware of a few different option for how to wear it in order to get as much use out of them as possible!  In today's post, I'm going to show you 4 very different ways to wear 1 bright lipstick!

High Impact!
First up is your classic vibrant lip.  For this, you can apply the lipstick either straight from the tube onto your lips or use a lip brush.  For bright lipsticks I recommend using a lip brush as they are generally more precise.  The classic bright lip looks beautiful on most people.

Stain/Lip Tint
For those days where you want a little pop of colour on your lips, but nothing too bold, opt to use a bright lipstick as a stain for a just bitten look.  Basically, you want to rub your finger on the lippie bullet to get the colour on your finger, and blot it onto your lips.  Make sure to get into all the little crevices and blend to make sure your lips are evenly coated.  (If you have dry lips, I recommend using a balm first).  Using a bright colour as a stain still gives your lips a nice pop of colour - perfect for the summertime - but it's more subtle than the classic lip and therefore is more appropriate for day looks and for the office.  If you don't want to use your finger, you can lightly blot the lipstick onto your lips and blend it out for the same effect.

Cheek Stain
Yes.  You can actually use your lipstick as a cheek stain, and it's particularly convenient when you're tight for time.  This is going to last longer than a classic powder blush and give your cheeks a nice glow.  I like to warm the lipstick on my hand first so that it will be easier to blend.  I then dab the product onto my finger and dab it onto the apples of my cheeks, and blend it, using a clean finger.  The trick here is to start with a small amount of product and once you're done blending, add more if you're not satisfied with the over all look.  Remember that it's a lot easier to add more than to take away!  You especially want to be careful with this because if you don't blend properly or use too much product you could end up looking like a clown, if done right though, it looks absolutely beautiful!

Glossy Lips
Last, is the super juicy, glossy pout!  So basically, to achieve this look, you're going to follow the steps for the 'High Impact', but then for the fun part, you're going to take either a clear gloss or a gloss in a corresponding shade, and add it on top.  This is just going to give your lips an ultra glossy and almost juicy look.

My favourite way to wear a bright lipstick in the summer is a combination of the cheek stain and lip stain.  It's such a simple combination and so perfect for the beach.  Honestly, all 4 of these looks are very easy to achieve and a great way to utilize a beautiful, vibrant lipstick that you maybe didn't previously pull out too often.

What's your favourite way to wear a bright lipstick?

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*I wrote this post last May hence all the references to summer and the beach, but haven't gotten around to posting it until now! I still thought you guys might find it useful though. :)
  Look out for my reviews on some of the products from the new MAC collection, Archie's Girls, coming very soon!* 

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