Sunday, December 9, 2012

Where have I been?!?

This adorable little puppy is miss Lucky! I thought her adorableness might make your day! ;)
Hey everyone,

So, I realize that I have definitely been neglecting my blog the past few months.  I really just wanted to write this post to offer an apology to my readers.  I have been so busy with school work and personal issues these past few months, that I just haven't had time to write quality reviews and informative posts for you.  You may have noticed that my last few posts were hauls and tags, and that was just because I barely had time to actually sit down and write something of decent quality for you...and that isn't fair to you guys.  So, I instead decided to go on a little blogging break until I had a little more time to focus on writing quality reviews.  In these past couple months I have missed blogging SO much.  I'll get back into blogging very shortly, and my makeup collection has expanded quite a bit recently, so look out for tons of awesome reviews and NOTDs and maybe even a makeup collection post.  ;)

Thanks to everyone who has been leaving sweet comments on my older posts and e-mailing me with questions!  It means a ton to me!

Also, I've almost reached 200 followers and 100 000 pageviews, so thanks guys!!!!

Until next time,

Kels :)


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