Friday, October 7, 2011

Victoria's Secret Desire Perfume & Body Mist Review!

 Hey Everyone!
The majority of my perfumes are floral, fruity, and all around very girly.  However, I like to have a little variety in my perfume collection, which is why I purchased Dream Angels Desire body mist by Victoria's Secret.  (That and the fact that the eau de parfum was my mother's go to night time perfume, and i thought it smelled delicious)!  Two years ago, i received the 2.5 OZ eau de parfum as a Christmas present, so today i'm going to review and compare the body mist and perfume.  So let's just get right into it.  

Well, the name says it all....Desire.  You guys know that I'm absolutely awful at describing scents, but I would describe this fragrance as more of a night time scent for a date or event, it's a really fresh and sexy scent.  When you think of sexy, alluring scents, you probably think of heavier, bolder fragrances, but Desire achieves that while maintaining light and kind of fresh. Victoria's Secret describes this scent as  "Flirtatious and charming, Dream Angels Desire sparkles in blissful freshness".  

The fragrance contains white star magnolia, and white freesia, as well as ivy leaves and frangipani. It has notes of yellow plum, and pink peony. There are also notes of crystal musk, some angora accord, and angelique wood.All around, i definitely think that this is a very unique scent, and well worth the investment. 

As a 17 year old, I couldn't imagine anyone being able to pull this scent off in a more casual setting with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt.  Funny story, when i first got the body mist, i was in seventh grade, and i wore it as an every day perfume...yikes!  I look back now, and i wonder what people thought of me!  I was a 12 year old wearing a sexy night time perfume during the day.  I think that this perfume is more suitable for any young adult and up.  I'm 17, and I hardly wear this perfume anymore, I only wear it to formals, and dates, making this the least worn perfume in my collection.  Now, that doesn't mean that it doesn't have an appealing scent, in fact, when ever i wear either the perfume or body mist I get many compliments on how good i smell. 

Both the eau de parfum and the body mist smell the exact same, the only difference is lasting power and the over all power of the scent. (I don't think that made sense...)  The perfume lasts about 6 hours before it starts to fade, while the body mist has a lasting power of about 6-8 hours before it starts to fade.  The body mist's fragrance is a lot lighter than the perfume, and for some reason, i kind of like how the body mist smells on me better than the perfume, which I know is a little weird. 

As for packaging, the angel mist is packaged in clear thin plastic, and is really light.  While the perfume is packaged in either glass or a thicker plastic, and is heavier in weight.  That is where the differences end.  These both have the same cap, are both a beautiful lilac color, and both say "dream angels desire" on the front.

All products can be purchased HERE!

Dream Angels Desire Eau de Parfum: 
1 oz., $42 US
2.5 oz., $52 US
4.2 oz., $62 US 

Angel Mist:
8.4 oz - $25 US

Angel Touch Body Lotion:
8.4 oz - $20 US
All around, i think that this fragrance is very unique, and a great investment. It is a great special occasions scent that can be worn year long. I recommend getting the body mist because the scent stays on your skin for a long period of time, honestly, i don't understand how it's not more expensive than the perfume because it lasts longer on your skin than the perfume does.  If you're looking for a lighter, more fresher smelling fragrance that is sexy and alluring, go with Victoria's Secret Dream Angels Desire! 

Let me know below what your favorite date scent is! 


  1. I love freesia. Knowing that freesia note is included in VS Desire perfume chances is i will like this one.

    buy perfumes online

    1. Yeah, you just might! Definitely check it out in stores!
      xx, Kels


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