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Christian Dior Miss Dior Cherie fragrance review

Hey Everyone
So today I'm going to be reviewing Miss Dior Cherie.  Initially, i wasn't planning on purchasing this fragrance ever.  I had only smelled it in the bottle and in my opinion it did not smell like it was worth purchasing.  It was only last month, when i actually sprayed it on my skin that i fell in love...
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When i look at this bottle the first thing that comes to mind is "This would look so cute displayed on my perfume shelf" but not only is the packaging adorable, the scent is absolutely heavenly.  It's described as a romantic and elegant scent, and i definitely agree with that.  Miss Dior Cherie is a pretty strong fragrance so I think that it would work best for events, evening outings and dates, and less for classes and casual activities.  For example, I could definitely picture wearing this as my wedding day fragrance.  A lot of people are on the fence about this scent.  Many hate it, and many love it but obviously that comes down to body chemistry and how well this fragrance works with your body chemistry.

Miss Dior Cherie is very floral, sweet and fruity, yet remains very sophisticated and elegant. When many people hear the words 'sweet and fruity' to describe a fragrance they automatically think 'childish', but this fragrance is so sophisticated smelling, i could never imagine a 14 year old wearing this.

It contains notes of Italian mandarin, Egyptian jasmine, and patchouli.  According to the Dior website the top note is the most intense. (Yes, i completely agree.  For the first few minutes after i sprayed this perfume on my wrist it was very intense smelling and a little intimidating). The heart note is the fragrance's core and lasts for hours. (I wore this today so I could write this review for you guys, and it's now 2 am and I can still smell it on my wrist, but it has died down a lot to a lighter, and sweeter scent). Finally, the base notes last the longest and can be perceived in clothing for months.  (I'm not sure if that is true or not...but I'm thinking that I'm going to test that and report back to you all).

I like to think of this as a year long scent.  I've only worn it in the Fall, but when I smell it I can picture wearing it year round.  In conclusion, I absolutely adore this scent, and i feel like it's a scent that every woman should have in her perfume collection.  It's such a warm, elegant scent that screams 'flirty and sensual yet pure and sweet' if that makes sense.

Since this is an Eau De Parfum spray less is more.  I would recommend spritzing it on your wrists, dabbing your wrists together, then dabbing some on your neck.   

Prices are as follows
1 oz - $60 US
1.7 oz - $77 US
3.4 oz - $98 US

There are three different versions of this scent, the 2005, 2007 and 2010 and from what I've heard ,they all smell very different.  I have the 2010 version.  I've read reviews on the Sephora website regarding this perfume and the 2005 version has come up often.  It seems like a lot of people like that one better ,but i've never smelled it so i can't compare.  If you've owned or smelled that version and the 2010 version let me know below which one you like better.


  1. That's a lovely description and review. I haven't tried this version as yet. Sounds promising. I have the 2005 and miss Dior Cherie l eau and I cherish both of them. Thank u for sharing.

  2. I have this one and I love it!!!I wear it all year round.I have smelled the 2005 version and I dont like it at all because it has some alcohol smell in it...this makes that alcohol scent-wild strawberry leaves and caramel pop corn.This is so much better than the 2005 version!(sry because my is not so well..)

  3. Miss Dior Cherie is extremely lovely and unusual. Just absolutely beautiful hands down I would say probably one of the best women's fragrances.


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