Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Get the look: Be Iconic like Kate Moss for Dior

 Hey everyone!  Today I'm introducing a new series to this blog called: Get the Look.  The look we're going for today is Kate Moss' makeup in the promo video/poster for Dior Addict lipstick.  (For my review click here).  Let's get started!

In the picture Kate has flawless and dewy skin, thick winged liner a gorgeous pink pout and she doesn't appear to be wearing any eye shadow.  Her makeup is simple yet sexy so that's what we're going to go for today.  Note that besides the lipstick, nail varnishes and eye liner (which was used on Kate Moss) this isn't the makeup Kate Moss actually wore for the advert, it's simply my interpretation of the look, therefore, all products mentioned are merely suggestions, so you don't have to use those exact items to get this look, just similar ones.   

 Start by moisturizing and applying a primer to the face.  This will create a smooth canvas for the rest of your makeup.  
Once the primer has set, apply a light, even layer of foundation.  For this i recommend Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua because it has medium coverage while still looking very natural.  Moss' skin looks naturally flawless, so you want to avoid heavy foundations that will create a mask-like effect on your face. 
Next we're going to apply concealer to any problem areas such as redness and under eyes.  For this i recommend Dior diorskin nude skin perfecting hydrating concealer.  This concealer has a medium to full coverage and covers dark circles very well.  It hydrates that delicate under eye area and looks very natural as well, it doesn't crease.  It also works to cover any problem areas on the face.  

Set everything with your choice of setting powder.  This will lock the face makeup in place, making your face look naturally stunning and flawless.   

Now we're going to use the Dior Shimmer star in Amber Diamond as a highlight and blush.  
Using a tapered brush, swoosh it around the ivory and champagne colors and dust it along your cheekbones, the middle of your forehead, along the bridge of your nose and your chin.  Be sure to use this sparingly and to blend it out so it looks very natural and dewy, as opposed to shiny..which we do not want!  
Now, swish a blush brush around the tan/peach/bronze section of the palette and tap off any excess.  Now apply it to the apples of your cheeks and blend.  In the photo, Kate's blush is fairly heavy, but if you want it to look more natural you can always just blend it more. 

Line your tight line and only your tight line with which ever black eye liner pencil you prefer. Using the Dior Diorshow mascara in Black090, or which ever black mascara you prefer, apply one coat to your top and bottom lashes. Don't over do it with the mascara because we are going to come back to that! 

Now apply a thick line of Dior Style liner in Noir Black 094, winging it out at the end to create a sexy cat eye effect.  This step is absolutely crucial to creating the Kate for Dior look.  Remember that the thickness of the line should stay fairly constant and get thicker as you wing the liner out.

Once the eye liner has dried, apply false lashes to the top lashes only.  

Kate's eye brows are very well kept.  To achieve this, be sure that your eye brows are waxed/tweezed, tamed, and filled in if you have any bald spots.  Use Dior diorshow brow styler ultra fine precision brow pencil to fill them in and set with a brow gel. 

(Probably the most important part of this look!) 
Start off by applying a layer of your favorite lip balm.  This will just make your lips all nice and smooth and ready for lip stick.
Next, apply a generous amount of Dior Dior addict lipstick in Dior Kiss 578.  Now, apply Dior addict lip polish in fresh expert on top to finish off that gorgeous glossy pout. 

Nail Polish 
Apply Dior Vernis in Perfetto 804 with dior rock coat.  

List of products mentioned/used:
Dior Vernis 804 $19.50 US
Dior rock coat $21 US
dior addict lip polish - fresh expert $30 US $37 CND
dior addict lip stick - Dior Kiss 578 $28 US $31 CND
lip balm 
Dior diorshow brow styler ultra fine precision brow pencil $28 US  $30 CND
 Dior Style liner in Noir Black 094 $33 US $36 CND
Dior Diorshow mascara $24.50 US $31 CND
false lashes (and lash glue) 
Dior shimmer star in Amber Diamond $44 US $45 CND
Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua foundation $45 US
Dior diorskin nude skin perfecting hydrating concealer $29 US $30 CND

What do you think of this look? If you try this look out, be sure to link a picture to your comment or e-mail.  This is my first 'get the look' so be sure to leave a comment below giving me some feedback!  

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  1. Cute! Id like to see a get the look on bella from twilight


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