Thursday, June 16, 2011

Benefit Cosmetics Boxed Blush Review - CORAlista

 Hey Everyone!
Today I'll be reviewing one of Benefit's boxed blushes, CORAlista.  I chose to review this particular one because I believe that it's a really nice peachy-coral blusher for Summer. So, let's get started!

This blush has the most delicious scent I've ever come across.  It's a very Tropical peachy/floral scent but it isn't over powering at all which is obviously great for those sensitive to smell.  The pigmentation on this blush is absolutely amazing.  One thing i noticed about some of the benefit boxed powders is how sheer they are, but this is just so pigmented, it is well worth the $30 price tag.  I would describe the color as a fusion of peach, orange and pink.  Creating a gorgeous pop of coral pink sheen.  What i love about this so much is that it's definitely one of those day to night blushes.  Coralista would make a fantastic blush for those Summer days hanging out on the beach, hanging with the girls; adding a soft coral sheen to your cheeks.  But it can be layered to create a sizzling hot (pun intended) coral on your cheeks for those Summer nights partying by the light of the bonfire or enjoying a night out/in with the boyfriend. 
Very light swatch in sunlight and shade

The packaging was what initially attracted me to this blusher.  It was boxed, which I'd never seen before and it was just so colorful and metallic and reminded me of careless Summer days and nights.  The prints on it are so unique as well.  You normally do not see metallic cheetah print and palm tree designs on a blush that is NOT meant for 4 year old girls.  I find, though, that the packaging is fun yet still maintains that more mature look with the metallic color scheme.  This also comes with a brush, which is very convenient if you're only just starting out with blush and therefore don't own a blush brush yet, but i still recommend you use a blush brush as the brush that comes with this isn't high quality and gives your cheeks a harsh line, so you need to blend more.  I have the older version of the blush.  They recently repackaged it so that the top and bottom of the box are attached and the top now includes a mirror, though the design is the same.  

This blush is $28 US and $36 CND.  A very steep cost, but well worth it!  With .42 OZ of product, which is quite a lot for a blush.  Add the scent, pigmentation, great quality packaging, and the mix of fun colors for all skin tones that Benefit has to offer and $36 sounds like a steal of a purchase to me!

Whether you're staying at home all Summer or vacationing in the Bahamas this is the perfect Summer blush for you.  It has fantastic pigmentation, a great scent, long lasting power, attractive packaging and is a beautiful cocktail shade of peach pink and orange.  Lovely for all skin tones.  I don't even think i need to do my rating scale as it is pretty much a given that i rate this product 25/25.

Okay, that's it!  As you can tell, i just love this blush so much!  I think I'll be reaching for it a lot once my skin warms up a little more, so be sure to look out for it in my July or even June favorites.  Be sure to leave a comment below telling me what you think of this blush, follow me, chat with me on twitter and have a great night! 

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