Monday, June 27, 2011

NOTD: Sephora by OPI 'Cover me in Petals'

Hey Everyone! 
Today's NOTD is 'Cover me in Petals' by Sephora for OPI.  I think that this is the most perfect nail varnish for Summer time.  It is a stunning and vibrant tangerine red and coral fusion. Everybody knows that bright colors will always be in when it comes to Summer time, but sometimes older women can't pull of bright and vibrant blues and greens or fluorescent pinks simply because it looks too 'immature'. (Although i say you're never too old for a bright and fun nail color).  Does this mean that they should miss out on the trend?  No. This color is bright, but also fairly sophisticated as it has a red hue to it, therefore i feel that it's appropriate for all ages and for all events.  This is a color that i could see myself wearing to the beach, but also to a semi formal dinner.   

 To achieve full opacity with this nail polish you need to apply about three coats.  Also, i find that this chips really easily unless you add a top coat to it.  In the photos I have 3 coats of cover me in petals, with no top coat. 

I love this nail varnish, and I'm so glad that Summer has officially arrived because now i can wear it a lot more.  Comment below telling me what you think of this varnish, and what's your favorite Summer nail polish? 


  1. Great summer color. How do you feel about neon colors for summer like would u wear neon orange polish and wear would you wear it? like to a party or hanging out or at work.

  2. Interesting question. I wouldn't normally wear neon like, at all. But if i were to wear a neon nail it would be to go to a casual party or to hang out with honestly just depends on where you're going. Like, if you're going somewhere fun, oh my goodness, work that neon nail varnish, girl! But if you were going to work or to a more sophisticated dinner party, i would not recommend it as it could just come across as immature, rather then fun. If you want to make a statement with your nails, while still coming across as mature, I would opt for a bright and fun nail color (like Cover me in petals!) rather then something neon. Bright nail varnishes can pop and make a statement with neutral outfits, you know? It just adds some spice. I think neon polishes are really fun and cute, and i own about 6 different neon varnishes, they just don't get a lot of love from me. I hope i helped and thanks for commenting!


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