Friday, June 10, 2011

MAC 266 angled eyeliner brush

Hey there everyone! 
Today i sat down and decided to write a review on my all time favorite MAC brush, the 266.  
The reason that this is my favorite is because it is a very versatile brush.  I mainly use this to fill in my brows on a daily basis but i also use it to line my eyes when i use cream eye liners and want more of a thicker line.  

The facts/handle quality
This brush is $19 US and $23 CND.  Since this is the only brush you will ever need for your brows and eye liner and MAC brushes are known to last a long time it is definitely worth the cost.  It measures at 15 cm long and is very thin.  I usually feel like I'm going to snap this brush in half when i use it because it feels so delicate, however it is actually a very sturdy brush.  It, like all of MAC's high quality brushes, features wooden handles and nickel plated brass ferrules. 

                  The Bristles 
The bristles are really soft and flexible but not at all flimsy.  The bristles are tightly packed so they remain sturdy enough to use on your eyes and pick up a lot of product.  Which is great.  I've had this brush for a few months now, yes it is one of my more recent brush purchases, and I've washed it every week or every time I've used it for my eyes and it still maintains its exact same shape and I've only had one bristle fall out.  The key to maintaining your brushes is properly cleaning them, you need to be gentle but thorough.  I'm going to add a link to some brush cleaning videos on youtube below for those who aren't sure how to deep clean brushes.  
 In conclusion, 
This brush is rated as:
bristles: 4.5/5 
handle: 4.5/5
versatility: 5/5 
price: 4.5/5
over all quality of this brush: 18.5/20
Who might not like it?  I honestly can't think of anyone who wouldn't like this brush.  The only concern i can see people having is with the thickness of the bristles.  They are SO perfect for brows but if you're a beginner with cream eye liner this is not going to be your best friend.  I still think it's a very good investment and practice makes perfect, so i do recommend getting this and just practicing in front of a mirror a few times until you get a better understanding of the line this creates.
 deep cleansing videos on youtube:
Michelle Phan: *Note i couldn't find the video SHE uploaded...ANYWHERE, so i had to link this re uploaded one*

 I have yet to meet a MAC brush that i didn't absolutely love.  They are extremely high quality and pick up a good amount of product.  This brush is no exception to that.  
To clean this brush, just deep clean it weekly like you would any other brush.  It maintains its shape very well and dries in about an hour. 
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