Tuesday, September 27, 2011

5 things: Life is short if you don’t notice it’ll pass you by,

...That’s why my head is in the clouds trying to pass the sky! - Child of the Night by Ludacris
Hey Everyone!  Here are 5 (actually, 6) things that made me happy last week.

My Vintage Guitar
This was originally my grandpa's, but once he died he left it to me.  I've been attempting to play it a lot recently, and even though i suck, it makes me feel happy.

One thing everybody always ask me is "why the heck do you love law class so much???" it's true that there are multiple reading/writing assignments per week, and a lot of essays, but i LOVE law.  It is my absolute favorite class, and is a great way to end my week day on a happy note.  The picture shows my first day ever of law homework...not my greatest work, but I like how it looks photographed.

 The rediscovery of my favorite artist
Utada Hikaru!  I used to love her a few years ago, and I rediscovered her last week through listening to 'Sanctuary'.  Listen to that beautiful song here.

 Books, in general
Between all the stress of trying to juggle a social life with academics, I love to just curl up in a chair or on my bed and read as a way of stress relief!

Thinsations Chocolate Pretzels 
My latest food obsession.  I swear I could eat an entire box of these in one day if i let myself.

Rekindling Friendship 
I recently began talking with an old best friend again after us not being on speaking terms for the past 2 years.  Although I know we won't become best friends like we used to be, this ultimately made my week so much brighter.

I'll try to post another 5 things post in a couple weeks, but i hope you enjoyed this and leave a comment below telling me 5 things that made your week a better one.   Have a great day!!!

*All photos, aside from the 'rekindling friendship' one, were taken by me and therefore belong to me.   


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