Monday, September 5, 2011

My Salve-ation

 Hey Everyone!
Since my freshman year, I've had, what i believed to be, irreversibly and eternally dry, chapped lips.  I used to have a horrible habit of licking my lips, and biting my bottom lip really hard when i was nervous, or scared, or angry.  As you can imagine, this resulted in chapped lips that basically never went away.  I tried all sorts of lip balms and salves from Burts Bee's to Rosebud Salve, you name a brand of lip balm/chap, and it's been on my lips.  Although those products seemed to work for other people, they didn't help me, and it seemed like no matter what i tried or what i did I couldn't get rid of the dryness, which was of course, unappealing and made me feel a little uncomfortable.  Who knew that the answer to my problem, like most, was actually at the bottom of my makeup case.

I was cleaning out some old makeup about a month ago when i came across the Vaseline Lip Therapy Cherry lip protection.  I had received it as a stocking stuffer last year, and completely forgot about it, focusing on using my more expensive brand lip salves.  At this point, i figured i had nothing to lose, so i began using it, applying it with my finger a few times a day.  Combined with using one of these recipes a couple times, i was able to transform my dry lips into smooth and supple kissers.  As you can imagine, I'm so ecstatic about this and continue to use my new staple lip salve a two times a day to make sure that my lips stay this way.

The Vaseline Cherry Lip Therapy can be found at any drugstore, and the tube contains .35 OZ or 10 g of product.  It tastes and smells like cherries, which i personally love.  If you don't like the smell or taste of cherries, this comes in 'original' as well, which has no taste or scent. What i like most about it is that it really does moisturize your lips, and although I know it's basically just Vaseline in a tube, the packaging makes it more convenient for on-the-go and this salve is more fluid then straight Vaseline.  The best part is that I think this tube costs about $1 US and $2-3 CND which is quite the steal for the quality of the product.  My one complaint is that I've heard that people's lips get a little dependent on this product, and once they stop using it their lips get really dry again.  I'm not entirely sure whether this is true and if the cause of their dry lips was actually from a dependency on this salve, so i guess we'll see, and I'll keep you updated on that.
Just a little swatch of the product, it's clear.

If you're having troubles with chapped lips, the only advice i can really give you is to try some of the lip treatment recipes, find a great lip chap/balm/salve that works for you, and if you have a habit of biting or licking your lips...STOP.   Your lips have a natural oil which keeps them hydrated.  By licking your lips, you're licking that oil off.  As well, your lips can get dried out from the evaporation of the moisture on your lips.   

Have a great day,

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