Saturday, June 2, 2012

Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh Review!

Hey Everyone,
Vibrant, charming, and whimsical are the three words which are used to describe this heavenly fruity-floral fragrance.  Daisy Eau so Fresh has been my go-to Spring perfume for the past few months, so today I've decided to share my thoughts about this great scent with all of you!

This perfume has top notes of sparkling raspberry; grapefruit; pear, mid notes of wild rose; violet; apple blossom and bass notes of warm plum; cedarwood and musk, categorizing it as a more fruity-floral scent with an unexpected hint of musk, making it a little sexy.  On me, the fruity notes are the strongest.  This perfume is absolutely fantastic for any age woman looking for a more feminine, playful and refreshing  scent.  

It's a very light and airy scent, so I feel like it's better suited for the day time rather than to go clubbing.  However, it's the kind of scent that can be pulled off in a variety of different settings - it's appropriate for the office, for the beach, for day dates, weddings, etc. When I think of this perfume I just think of carefree Summer days and the Golden Age archetype - a place that is sunny and happy where bad experiences just don't exist.

 I received this perfume in the Fall, and found that I didn't reach for it at all from the time I got it until the weather got warmer. It just isn't the kind of scent that can be pulled off during the colder months.  However, since Spring, I've reached for it almost every day (along with Coach Poppy and Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy)!  I also believe that it's the perfect scent for Summer as well.

Anyone who has ever owned the original Daisy knows that the lasting power isn't fantastic.  It lasts about 2-3 hours before disappearing, which is a little disappointing.  For those concerned about the lasting power of this interpretation of the original, the lasting power of Eau so Fresh is better than the original, but it will not last the entire day. I can smell hints of it throughout the day until the 4th-5th hour mark.

The bottle is very similar to that of the original Daisy fragrance.  The glass is taller and slimmer than the original, and the large golden topper is covered in six rubber daisies, in baby pink, white, and neon yellow.   It's simply beautiful to look at and is something that you want to display on a shelf, especially during the Spring and Summer months.

This perfume retails for:
body lotion - $35 US
.24 oz roller ball - $30 CND, $20 US
2.5 oz eau de toilette - $85 CND, $72 US
4.5 oz eau de toilette - $110 CND, $88 US

What is your go-to scent this Spring/Summer?


  1. I loved original Daisy and have been eyeing up the Eau So Fresh in my local department store for the past month or so!

    The pink flowers on the bottle are so pretty and it just looks like it would be a lovely summer fragrance - I'll have to nip in and buy a bottle now I know it's as nice as it looks! :-)



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