Sunday, June 10, 2012

MAC 116 Blush Brush: Review!

Hey Everyone,
The MAC 116 blush brush retails for $32 US and $38.50 CND and was the first MAC brush I ever purchased a couple years ago.  The MAC 116 is a natural-haired, tapered, rounded blush brush and can be used for blush, highlighting, contouring and I even use it for pressed powder application!

The 116 is a very soft bristled brush, but it's pretty dense, more dense than the 129 blush brush.  The 129 is pretty big and fluffy, while this brush is smaller and denser which I personally prefer for blush application.  Since it is dense, it picks up the perfect amount of blush; and because of the size, it makes it a lot easier to control where it deposits the blush.  Personally, I haven't experienced too much shedding with my brush, maybe a couple bristles every few months.
Compared to my 41 powder brush from Sephora, the 116 is smaller and a lot more dense and tapered.
I love investing in  great versatile brushes like this one. I've always believed that just because a brush is labelled for a certain use doesn't mean you can't experiment and find different ways to utilize it.  I like to use the 116 for blush (hence its name!), highlighting, contouring and even for pressed powder application!  It's small and dense enough that you can use it for highlighting your cheekbones and contouring in the hollows of your cheeks, but also perfect for applying pressed powder all over your face. That being said, I think it is too dense for all over bronzer application.  Although it is an expensive brush, I definitely believe that it's a great investment!

The bristles are not scratchy on my face like some cheaper brushes and the paddle shape of this brush means that you can turn it on its side for the most perfect blush application!  I usually swipe my blush of choice onto the side of the 116 to get a decent amount of colour on the brush and tap it onto my hand to remove any excess colour.  I than sweep it onto the apples of my cheek then blend it back toward my hairline.    For contouring, pressed powder, and highlighting I apply product to the top of the brush as its more tapered and makes for a more precise application. 

MAC brushes, in my opinion, are great investments as they last a long time and are fantastic quality.  In order to get your moneys worth, I recommend purchasing versatile and staple brushes first,such as the 224, 217, 216, 266 and 188.  But i highly urge you to consider purchasing this brush for the perfect blush application!  Do you like MAC brushes or do you prefer a different brand?


  1. I read many reviews and many girls said that this brush it's very scratchy ,etc.I have 109 brush(it's ok),187,188,and now I want 116brush,but I am afraid that will be scratchy-i have sensitive skin.

    1. I have the 116 and yes, its very scratchy, if you want really soft, high quality brushes just get the Japanese brands like hakuhodo, koyudo, chikuhodo and wayne goss, today i got my first chikuhodo brush the z8 and its soooo incredible soft that im sorry but it makes my 116 feel like an old broom


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