Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Kid Approved Homemade Mac & Cheese

 Hey everyone,
Today my brother stayed home with me, and he really wanted Kraft Mac and Cheese for lunch.  Normally, I'd have no problem making this for him and helping myself to a big bowl of it too, but he's been eating a lot of junk lately, so I wanted to make him something a little more healthy for lunch as opposed to powder cheese and noodles.  So I promised him I'd make him 'super special, super cheesy home-made mac & cheese".  I used the recipe from MissGlamorazzi's mac & cheese recipe video, but subbed in 9 oz of marble cheese instead of the 3 kinds she used, to make it a little more kid friendly.  My brother is the pickiest 8 year old alive, so I was a little worried that he wouldn't want to try it, but as soon as he heard that it was full of bacon and cheese, he agreed to try it and actually ate 2 bowlfuls. Success? hell yeah.  

The bread crumbs/basil/cheese to put on top of the macaroni while it bakes - just to crisp it up!

9 oz of marble cheese...next time I make this, I'm going to use more of it!

mmh, bacon!

Here it is all mixed up in the pot

I wish you all could have smelled this...it smelled AMAZING.

 I'm so excited to make this again, and I'm really glad that my little brother approves of it!  Next time I make it, again, I'll probably use more cheese and whole wheat pasta and bread crumbs just to make it a little healthier!


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