Thursday, July 5, 2012

Summer Haul: Clothing and Accessories!!

Hey everyone,
I recently realized that the majority of my bikini tops didn't fit my..erm...upper half anymore.  So, I decided to go out and do a little summer bathing suit shopping!  Of course, being the little shopaholic I am, I couldn't resist picking up a few clothing and accessory items as well; and thought that I would show you what I purchased in a haul!

After I purchased my hair mask, I went back and decided to order the Hair Company Educator Milk and Cristalli di Argan Extreme Brilliance far I've been very impressed by both these products!

The Shoe Warehouse was having a sale, so I picked up 2 pairs of heels.  First, these gorgeous grey heels with a studded heel.  I just think they're so glam!

And these edgy black ankle booties!  I feel like these would look great with a pair of jeans or dress pants or even with a dress if you wanted to give it a more edgy feel.

Next I got this bikini from Victoria's Secret.  I absolutely love the fun bright pink top, and it looks great paired with the black bikini bottoms!  What I love about this bikini top so much is that it can be turned into a halter top, so if I want to play beach volleyball I can just attach the strap and not have to worry about my top falling off! 

I went to La Vie en Rose and picked up this bright tangerine orange bikini!  I love the rich colour and style of this!

I originally went to Marshalls to look for a bathing suit, but couldn't find any in my size that I liked, so I decided to browse around the store a little bit.  The moment I saw this cream coloured blouse and saw the little heart polka-dots, I knew I had to have it this summer!  
For the last shirt I bought, also from Marshalls, I thought I'd take a picture of it on me as you couldn't really see the shape all that well on the hanger.  It's really sheer and light, which is great for casual summer days and I love the orange colour!  Again, it's really sheer, so i would pair it with a camisole underneath.  I'm going swimming with some friends today, so I was wearing the pink bikini top underneath or else I would have worn a camisole...just a little disclaimer there haha.
Of course, the Maybelline Mega Plush mascara!  A review for this mascara will be published on Saturday!

What have you purchased lately?



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