Friday, February 3, 2012

NARS Roman Holiday lipstick: Review and Swatches!

Hey everyone!
The NARS obsession continues with today's featured product, a lipstick in the shade Roman Holiday.  NARS lipsticks are pretty expensive, each lipstick costs $24 US and $30 CND; however, I fully believe that a lot of the colours are worth the hefty price tag, and Roman Holiday is no exception to that!

Roman Holiday is a sheer fresh rose colour, absolutely perfect for Spring time!  It is not at all barbie-like as it may look in the tube. The great thing about this particular lipstick is that when first applied on the lips it is very sheer pink tint, but it can be built up to bright pink coverage.

The consistency of this lipstick is very balm like.  The sheer lipsticks from NARS are pretty creamy and moisturizing and leave your lips with a gorgeous shine.  I don't feel like you need a lip balm underneath it as it provides enough moisture.  The one problem with Roman Holiday is that if your lips aren't already moisturized, it will accentuate any cracks, so i wouldn't recommend using it on its own if you have chapped lips.  Due to the fact that it is a sheer finish lipstick, it lasts about 1-2 hours before fading.   All NARS lipsticks are infused with conditioners and antioxidants in order to protect, nourish and hydrate lips, which is obviously a big bonus.

The packaging of all NARS products is the same, the casing is a black matte tube with NARS written around the cap in white.  The packaging is very sleek and not at all tacky looking.  The only problem with it is that it gets very dirty easily. Some people complain about their scent, but they smell delicious to me, exactly like fruit loops!
Here is a very unattractive lip swatch!  I took a picture and zoomed it into my lips before uploading, which majorly messed up the quality, but oh well, haha :)

Over all, I really like Roman Holiday, and I think it is the perfect every-day pink colour for Spring.

If you have any NARS lipsticks, which are your favourites?


  1. Wow - that is expensive for lipstick! But I really like the way it it's probably worth it :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  2. So glad to see you posting again Kels <3 NARS is amazing...

    1. Thank you Kori, it's great to be back! :)
      xx, Kels

  3. That lipstick is amazing! so pretty! getting it! x


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