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My Fave First Day Back To School Hairstyles!

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Hi guys, long time no talk! 
After the popularity that my 'prom updos' post got, I decided that I would continue this series with my favourite hair styles for the first day back to school. I'm a little late writing this post as a few of you have probably already started school, but these hair styles can definitely be worn throughout the school year as well!  I hope you enjoy! 

To recreate this particular look is pretty simple!
 1) Just take a large section of hair from whichever side you prefer and just begin french braiding until you get a look similar to the picture.
2) Secure the french braid back with a couple bobby pins and cover the bobby pins with a layer of hair so they don't show.
This is a fairly easy look, but it looks absolutely adorable and looks a little bit more interesting than the typical Lauren Conrad inspired braid.  If you don't know how to french braid bangs, click this link for a tutorial.

I really love throwing my hair into a basic top knot for those awful mornings where I wake up really late and have to find a way to tame my wild hair really quick.
 1) Basically what I do, is brush my hair back into a high ponytail.
2) Then I like to twist the ponytail (I find that this makes it easier to wrap my hair into a bun, and it just looks neater).
3) Following that, I carefully wrap the twisted ponytail around my head and secure it into place with bobby pins.
4) If you want to go for a sleeker look, put some hairspray on a never-been-used tooth brush and carefully brush your hair back to tame frizz and fly aways.  If not, you can definitely pull down a few pieces to make the bun look more casual.
 **To make your top knot look more interesting and since braids are in for Fall, put your hair into a high ponytail, braid the ponytail and follow the rest of the steps!  I love how this looks!**

 Next up, we have the inverted ponytail!  This is just a much more interesting take on your classic ponytail, and a great option if you don't feel like having hair in your face and have a little bit more time in the morning to do your hair.  This is such a simple hair style to do, but it looks as if you put a lot of time and effort into your hairstyle! Here's a link for how to create an inverted ponytail!

I love how Jessica Lowndes is rocking this style!  Braids are very on trend this fall, so why not try rocking a braided headband?
 1) For this look, you will want to take about a 2 inch section of hair from the back of one side of your hair and braid it as far down as you can and secure it with an elastic.
2) Repeat this step on the other side of your head but do not secure that one with an elastic.  If you don't want your part exposed, pull your hair back like Jessica has done in the picture above.
3) Take the braid without an elastic and pull it taut to the other side of your head and secure it into place with a bobby pin or two.
 4) Following that, take the other braided bit and repeat the action, pulling it so it sits right behind the first braid (refer to the picture!) and secure it with bobby pins.
5) Pull a section of hair over the bobby pins so they aren't exposed.
This particular style would look really lovely with loose waves, but also looks nice with straight hair. The braided headband is easier to achieve for people with longer hair, but if you have short hair and love this look, do not fear!  A lot of stores actually carry braided headbands in a variety of different natural looking shades. 

So, those are 4 styles that I'm currently loving and can't wait to wear to school this Fall.  Have you gone back to school yet if so, how did you wear your hair on the first day?

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  1. Oh, the pictures of hairstyles that you posted here are really great. But the one that Shenae Grimes wore is definitely a knockout! She looks fairly innocent in that hair style! And of course, Jessica really rocked the braids! It gives her a more sophisticated look.

    Lakisha Gelb


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