Friday, August 31, 2012

Benefit Bella Bamba Blush: Review + Swatches!

Last month on a shopping trip to Sephora, I had the opportunity to receive a sample of Benefit Bella Bamba blush as a 100 pt. perk.  I had been lusting over this particular blush for months after swatching it in store, but could not fathom spending $36 on it.  So, I was thrilled at the chance to receive and test out a sample size.  I can now safely say that when this generous sample runs out, I will be returning to Sephora to buy a full size.

This blush came out in 2011 and Benefit actually switched up the packaging for this release, following with the other boxed blushes soon after.  With the new packaging (not shown here as this is a sample size) the lid is actually attached so that it flips up and it contains a mirror.  I actually don't like this change as I much prefer being able to completely remove the lid.

Just something I though I'd note in this post, for and after the release of this product, Benefit downsized the amount of product in their boxed blushes from 12 grams to 8 grams, but kept the price the same ($28 US and $36 CND).  Don't get me wrong, that's still a lot of product and these blushes will last a long time, I just found it really frustrating as a consumer to be paying the same price for less product.

Let's get down to the product itself...
Bella Bamba is a gorgeous bright medium watermelon pink shade with golden shimmer. I find that it smells like pineapple which I love!  All the Benefit blushes have very distinct scents, which I think is a lovely addition to these products.

 Although a little scary at first glance and after initial swatching (the pigmentation is fantastic) this can be used as an intense blush, but can most certainly be sheered out for a gorgeous wash of pink on the cheeks.  It does have shimmer in it, but once applied to the cheeks, it is hardly noticeable. It kind of just gives your cheeks a nice glow.  I find this product to be a brighter more pigmented version of NARS Deep Throat (which is my all time favourite blusher), so if you like Deep Throat than I really think you'll like Bella Bamba. 

 Last thing, this product, like all the other Benefit boxed powders, does come with a little applicator blush.  I'm personally not a fan of their applicator blushes, I find that they apply really heavily and I'd just much prefer to use my own brushes.  That being said, for those who do not have a blush brush, this is a great addition!  I included a picture below from Temptalia (linked below) which shows the applicator that comes with the product as well as the new packaging!

Overall, I am in love with this product and have been alternating between this and Benefit CoraLista all summer.  If you are a lover of pink blushes I would definitely recommend investing in Bella Bamba.   I will definitely be purchasing a full size when I run out!

What's your go-to summer blusher?

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