Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Beauty Rescue: Reduce the Redness of Pimples


Hey Everyone,
Have you ever been getting ready for a big event, looked into a mirror and SURPRISE! found a bright red pimple lurking on your chin?  I won't ask for a show of hands; it happens to all of us.

Today I wanted to share a tip I recently learned to reduce the redness of those random little pimples.  If you squeeze a few droplets of eye drops - such as Visine - onto a Q-tip and hold it onto the pimple for 10 seconds, it will decrease the redness of the zit.  This is something that I would only recommend doing once in a while though, as I have a feeling that doing it daily would irritate the skin.      

Do you have any redness reducing tips? Leave them below!


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