Thursday, December 1, 2011

December Wishlist

Hey Everyone,
So this months wish list isn't my Christmas list, this is a list of products that I want to personally purchase some time in December, if you'd like to see my personal Christmas Wish List leave a comment below and let me know!

This dress is from, and can someone seriously tell me if they ship to Canada
because i am IN LOVE with this dress!!!  I've been looking for the perfect gold
dress for a New Years party, and I think this is it.  It's absolutely beautiful
and sparkly and just all kinds of perfect.  I would pair this with a black
blazer and heels.  

This has been in and out of my basket for a few months.  I love the color and how
it gives cheeks a natural pinky glow, but I can't justify purchasing it! 
Maybe this month.

I've never been a big bag person, just give me a satchel and call it a day.  This bag; however,
has me drooling.  It's absolutely stunning, elegant and classic, and I think it
would work with a number of different looks and outfits. 

These boots are stunning, and I can't wait to get my hands on them! (or should i say feet inside them).
I feel like these would have been better for my October wish list, but whatever! 

This jacket is freaking adorable!  I've never seen a wool lace jacket
before, so this is definitely a unique coat in my opinion. 

This is a beige nude creme from the Essie Winter 2011 collection.  It's nothing 
new, there are definitely dupes for it, but I can't stop looking
at swatches of this shade online.  

This is a smokey dark sapphire color from the Essie Winter 2011 collection.
This color is just the perfect navy for Winter!  

I didn't notice until after I finished this post, but obviously I'm very into neutrals this month, which is really strange because normally i'm a brights girl all the way! 

What's on your December wishlist? 


  1. omgosh i need those 2 essie colors. they look beautiful! :)

  2. that dress is GORGEOUS!!!!!

  3. Can I make this my Xmas wish list? He he. You have amazing taste girly

  4. Thanks, Naara! That's so sweet of you to say! :)
    xx, Kels

  5. I really like the dress, hope u get it :)
    and btw I want to see ur personal Christmas wish list, other peoples wish lists always help me pick what I want

  6. hi kelsey! thanks for your comment on my blog! much appreciated :)


  7. oh wow! the dress looks amazing! and i think the price is very justified too!! you should totally get that! :) i will keep my eyes open for a dress like that in the near future as well ;)
    as for the nail polishes, they are great colors you could pull of on an everyday basis, so go for them ;)
    i would be interested to see your personal wish list, its always a perfect opportunity to get inspiration :)
    love, sophia <3

  8. Thanks girls! I'll definitely show you whats on my Christmas list! That post should be up some time over the weekend
    xx, Kels

  9. Great post ! The dress is lovely. I have Nars Orgasm stick and I have to say I don't use it as much as I thought I would, I wish I had bought the liquid illuminator cause I think it blends much more easily.
    You're invited to enter my Chanel & Too Faced Giveaway ! There's time until tomorrow to enter and I hope you will.
    Kisses !

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  10. that dress is soooo beautiful!!!!! :D

  11. i know!! Unfortunately, i just checked and they ran out of my size, BUT! i found a cute gold sequined dress at le chateau!
    xx, Kels


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